A few dogs has gone trough my hands after training dogs for over 30 years. Bellow you will find dogs that have ment a lot for me. It’s trough these dogs that I have learned about dog training and developed myself as a trainer and as a dog handler. Some dogs has been easy and some more hard. Below you will find a few of the dogs that have ment the most for me.

Jurassic Jarox “Fighter”

Fighter was my police K9 from 2009 to 2012. Fighter took second place in the Finnish narcotics detection dog championships in Levi, Lapland 2012.

Fighter on local tv, TV 24.ax the link here.

Jurassic Koffie IPO1 TK1

Koffie was my diamond, lots of speed and action, she was really eager to work and always on the edge. She was a challenge to train but she gave me the tools to take on the Belgian Malinois.

Koffie gave us Raciels E and F litter.


Darre “Tarmo”, a X-Malinois imported from Belgium.

Tarmo was trained police patrol as a project for the Finnish police.

Suhteellisen Kenttäsika “Pika”

Pika was trained for police patrol and narcotics detection as a project for the Finnish police.

Raciel’s Ares “King” IPO3 VPG2 JK2 LTE+215

King was my first “IPO dog”.

King was working dog of the year in our local club 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

X-Fighter “Narco”

I got Narco in June 2016 when he was 7 weeks old. Narco was trained by me as a project to be a police patrol dog.

Narco left in December 2016 to a new handler within the Finnish police.